Termite control with papermate

Therefore, the control of subterranean termites is an im- portant concern of homeowners and the pest control in- correspondence: xing ping hu, department of entomology. Cal termite protects homes form termites and pests in ventura, santa barbara and los angeles free quotes and estimates, family-owned and operated. Click here click here click here click here click here this amazing site, which includes experienced business for 9 years, is one of the leading pharmacies on the internet. The termite was placed on the lead pencil path first, and then on the red papermate pen path to count how many seconds the termite remained on or followed the pathway the termite stayed on the red papermate line for a much more significant time than on the lead pencil line. In this experiment we used the blue paper mate pen and a number two pencil the number two pencil was the control group, than we proceeded to draw a circle with each writing instrument and timed the amount of seconds the termite spent on each circle.

Papermate® ball-point pen ink is known to elicit trail following behaviors in introduced formosan subterranean termites and native subterranean termites (harry mcmennemy, private communication) however, the active ingredient has not previously been identified. Papermate for the circle, and black gel for the triangle the termite follows the square and circle for equal amounts of time, but does not follow the triangle. Bio bugs student instructions part 1 - termite behavior 1 break into groups of 3 and put on nametags 2 assign a role to each member of the group: 1 () animal care technician (termite wrangler), 1 (#)molecular technician, and 1.

Termite they'll walk the line - bug squad - anr blogs 17 apr 2009 but then, termites wouldn't walk the plank--they'd eat it entomology coordinating the activity, will take a pen (papermate or bic ballpoint pen they navigate by following the scent of a pheromone, which is a chemical they termites & pheromones for control | termite control. Running speed was measured by timing a worker running a distance of 157 cm (a circle of 5-cm diameter) drawn on plain paper with a papermate r ballpoint pen. Then draw a circle on the paper using a red papermate ball point pen and drop the termites in the middle they start walking along the line and go around and around tell each student to hypothesize why the termites behave this way then have them design an experiment to test their hypothesis and predict what will happen.

How xt2000 orange oil plus kills drywood termites--chet's termite & pest control tampa, fl - duration: 3:57 chet's termite & pest management, inc 2,375 views 3:57. Using termites to learn the scientific method this - uga extension there is a chemical in ink from ball point pens that closely resembles for each group: 6 pens (red, blue, and black papermate and bic brand pens), white termites & pheromones for control | termite control draw a circle around the termites with an inexpensive ballpoint pen. Following substance (becker and mannesmann papermate' (the gilette com- pany, boston, ma) ballpoint pen ink is known to elicit trail following behavior in introduced formosan subterranean termites and native subterranean termites but.

Termite control with papermate

Papermate® or bic® pen, being sure to connect the lines so there are no loose ends place a few termites on the paper the termites should soon find the name and follow. One of these signals is the trail-following pheromone, which in termites presents surprisingly low chemical diversity, with only 9 active compounds (alcohols, aldehydes, ketone, and hydrocarbons) identified so far . Control of the citrus leafminer proc fla state termite, coptotermes formosanus shirak i and papermate ballpoint pens was dissolved in 200 ml 5.

  • Termite spray diy termite and pest control pest control services pest control supplies termite control ants bug control diy pest control garden products little cottages ant forward termidor sc 78 bottle) termidor sc (the sc stands for suspended concentrate) is an excellent professional termite control product for killing termites.
  • Termites are attracted to the ink in papermate ballpoint pens but not those of rollerballs or felt tips they seem to respond to other ballpoint pens but will not.
  • Prior to distributing the termites, tell students how fragile they are and that they will be observing termite behavior today tell them to watch the termites as they crawl on the paper and try drawing on the paper to see if this affects their behavior.

Pest control companies have long been battling termites in florida, but an invasive termite from asia has been particularly troublesome. [0002] one relatively recent development in termite control is the use of slow-acting toxicants for managing subterranean termite populations near structures many chemical attractants (pheromones and the like) have been proposed for use in such baits. Termites, ink pens and pheromones students will investigate the behavior of termites to understand and use the scientific method a lesson plan for grades 9-12 science. Conventional termiticide treatments chapter 6 conventional termiticide treatments methods of application the chemical treatment of soil around and under foundations of buildings to protect them from termite attack is the conventional approach that has been in common use for at least 50 years.

termite control with papermate To the papermate ballpoint pen the best the ink in this pen contains 2-phenoxyethanol, a substance that resembles the trail (or aggregation) pheromone that termites recognize (chen et al, 1999. termite control with papermate To the papermate ballpoint pen the best the ink in this pen contains 2-phenoxyethanol, a substance that resembles the trail (or aggregation) pheromone that termites recognize (chen et al, 1999.
Termite control with papermate
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